Liftique in Newport Beach is the a clinically proven, non-surgical skin tightening alternative to Ultherapy 

Patients who are consider Ultherapy should call Liftique first.  At Liftique, we’re a one-of-a-kind office that is dedicated skin tightening by using the latest, FDA approved, clinically proven Radio Frequency technologies. Unlike Ultherapy which was a first generation ultrasound technology, Liftique is using 2nd and 3rd generation technologies to lift, firm, tighten and smooth face, neck and body skin.  Our plastic surgeons are interested in helping you attain your personal health and wellness goals. Whether you’re just worried about jowls forming or would like to address crepey skin, we’re here for you. From your first, free consultation, we’ll speak with you about the treatment options and begin to build a plan. With your unique plan in place, you can see how much procedures will cost and the expected outcomes. Let us help you get to a place you desire and one where you love the body you’re in. We can’t wait to hear from you.